LEDs: The incandescent bulb’s worst nightmare

There’s a new bulb in town. And if you’ve seen the light you’re probably hooked. There’s a LED bulb for just about every application. And when you do the math, the savings can be significant.


There are other benefits too. They don’t get hot like incandescent bulbs. They are far less of a fire hazard; they won’t burn when you (or your kids) touch it; and they won’t warm your foods in your cabinets the way under-cabinet halogens do.


It all started with CFLs or compact florescent lights. They were far more energy efficient and lasted much longer. But those bulbs didn’t produce an appealing color and took a few minutes to warm up. Of course, the mercury content didn’t make folks feel good either. And, if you put them outside they wouldn’t last through a deep freeze.


Now, the price of entry isn’t appealing. A single LED bulb can be way more expensive, but since they last 20-30 years it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to replace it. After all, who lives in the same home for 30 years anymore?


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