Smoke Detectors: Check the expiration date before you replace those batteries

Would you drink milk that has already expired? Well, smoke detectors have an expiration date too - typically 10 years or less. A tell tale sign that yours are old is the color of the plastic cover. If it’s faded or yellowish in color, it’s probably time to replace them.


The fact is nothing lasts forever. Add airborne dirt and dust, and the sensors just can’t do their job. So this year, when daylight savings comes around, don’t just change the battery – change the whole thing. While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got one in every bedroom, hallway and living space except the kitchen and garage. Then, add a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home too. Be sure to check your local building codes for specific requirements.


The good news is that anyone with a screwdriver can add or remove and replace a smoke detector. If you do, you may find two kinds – battery operated and hard wired with battery backup. And if you do some searching, you can find value packs of 10 to save a few bucks. Just follow the instructions. Then enjoy a fresh glass of milk.



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